Tres S.
7 months ago
I am so grateful that I ended up in such caring and competent hands when I resolved to make the necessary transition into sobriety. Needless to say, the decision was scary and I had no idea what to expect. I love Mibospi’s (mind, body and spirit) approach toward healing. I am still in the early stages of recovery and I look forward to the variety of lessons and experiences. I am learning to apply these tools daily to many other areas of my life besides just addiction. I absolutely love Equine Therapy, Ifloat, Breathworks and EMDR (PTSD Therapy) and personal trainer. I am getting to know myself again and learning how to love and nurture my mind, body and spirit. Many thanks to the staff at Mibospi!!!! Life is looking good!

Craig R.
9 months ago
Dedicated professionals committed to the total health and wellness of their clients. Responsive. Accountable. Transparent.

Weslee A.
a year ago
MiBoSpi has, without question, saved my life. When I decided that I needed help with my addiction, I found MiBoSpi and nervously gave them a call. From day one they made me feel comfortable and at home. I could tell they truly understood and empathized with my struggles with alcohol, and genuinely cared about me and my recovery. Jared is the most caring man I’ve ever met. I’ve had ups and downs, like anybody in recovery. But every time I stumbled, Jared was right there to help me get up and encourage me to keep coming back. Jared and his staff are incredibly insightful and will tailor your program to fit you, whatever that takes. Meditation, fitness, nutrition, they know what helps keep you clean and sober, and they seriously care about clients. Plus, you get to iFloat, and that is a very therapeutic experience. I could never repay Jared, Trish, Andi, Rich, and Kaley for their help in obtaining and maintaining my sobriety. I love you guys and I love MiBoSpi!

Sonya B.
a year ago
Getting help was the scariest decision I’ve ever made. Choosing Mibospi was the BEST decision I’ve ever made. When I walked through their doors for the first time, I could tell it was a place for healing. The gentle, caring staff understood everything I was going through. Their program is unlike any other and their entire staff are some of the most understanding and amazing people I’ve ever met. They are so knowledgeable about all aspects of addiction and they truly care about every person that walks through their doors. I have learned and grown so much from my time at Mibospi and will be forever grateful to them. They literally saved my life. More importantly, they made me realize it was a life worth saving.

Brennan W.
a year ago
Mibospi is an innovative program. Jared has worked hard to come up with a truly individualized solution for those who are struggling with substance abuse. 10/10 would recommend Mibospi if you or your loved one are looking for help

Brad M.
2 years ago
A few months ago I was getting out of detox and unsure what the next step was for me. I was recommended to Mibospi from the charge nurse during my discharge. I called Jarod, explaining to him that was looking for an outpatient treatment program. Within minutes, he was there to meet me. He took me to the office, we talked a bit about their unique, individualized treatment options. Follwing our talk, a cleansing detox float at I-float next door. I cannot give enough good praise to Jarod, Chuck, Chelsea and Patrick. Their dedication, understanding and willingmess to help is unlike any other outpatient I have expereinced. Their individualized treatment model can fit anyone’s needs. If you are searching for an outpatient whose staff and therapist genuinely care about their clients recovery, as well as their personal well-being, choose Mibospi.

Dakota M.
2 years ago
What Mibospi offers is truly a unique and effective way to approach treating addiction and guiding people towards thriving in recovery. At Mibospi, they understand that each individual comes in with different needs and the amazing, compassionate staff are patient and willing to individualize each clients program to suit them specifically. I have gone through my fair share of programs and can testify that between their caring providers, holistic methods, flexibility and understanding, Mibospi has something to offer that many other programs out there are lacking.

Jackie C.
a year ago